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We are committed to serving individuals, small and medium organisations in the transformational space, in their quest to create a greater positive impact in the world.

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I’m at the beginning of my journey and would love to receive assistance in growing my speaker business, expanding my gift and positively impacting the world.

I’d like to receive consultation for our company and marketing team and strategize best ways to grow our reach, influence and impact.


Who We Are and
What We Can Do for You

Hi, I’m John Abbott

I work with speakers, helping them to better reach their target market, share their message and ultimately have more people sign up for their transformational programs and retreats.

As a coach and mentor, I’ve developed and run online marketing and sales training programs, developed and facilitated 30 day business incubators, live in Bali, with 52 different entrepreneurs from every walk of life, successfully showing them how to create global and positively impacting organisations.

Areas of expertise:
💪  Program staircase and promise
💪  Packaging
💪  Online marketing and sales
💪  Deep integration of the Giving Model
I’m Estela,
a systematic thinker and change agent from a very early age.

Over the last 15 years, I have gained a powerful wealth of knowledge in online business development, simplifying complex funnel systems into the most essential steps, training and leading remote teams and above all, I’m working as a visionary new paradigm system designer.

Areas of expertise that I specialise in:
💪  Online speaker business ecosystem and structure
💪  Design of offerings and Giving Model pricing
💪  Online marketing and sales funnels design
💪  Remote teams and flexi work culture
💪  Visionary systems for positive change


We’ve personally mentored,
coached and ran marketing campaigns for dozens of speakers over the past 15 years, including...
Richard Branson
Brandon Bays
John Demartini
Roger Hamilton
Tyler Tolman
Don Tolman
Joanne Fedler
Christopher Howard
"John and his team have been amazing. We ended up with a really really great result, I’m really happy with what we achieved in the first year with John. We’re committed to doing more this year, we have multiple projects lined up, and our experience was really good."
Brandon Bays
Co-Founder, The Journey
“John Abbott and his team are not trying to sell products. They are bringing transformation and value to people’s lives…His level of consciousness is completely different to the average sales guy or girl out there.

It’s rare you have someone at that level of ethics, that level of integrity, and that level of commitment to serving the people they speak to."

Peter Sage
International Best-Selling Author & Creator of Sage Business School, Ultimate Self Mastery, and the Elite Mentorship Forum
“The results have absolutely been fantastic!. We ended up running 1 day and 3 day programs which were incredibly successful…The first one we ever did sold out…

Working with this team is like a dream."

Inna Segal
Healer, Author, Speaker
"Couldn't recommend John and his amazing team more, they have helped us dramatically over the years to reach more people with our health retreats and programs."
Rachelle Starr-Tolman
Angel of Influence
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