Making a bigger difference through The Journey 
Journey Practitioner Business Interview Series


Interview 4 with Kevin Billett:
The Journey as Business

The Journey has developed not only the practitioner tools for you to apply the work, it’s now created a conscious business philosophy and means of creating business that can provide much good for you and society.

Interview 1 with Daniel Wagner:

Conscious Business, Marketing and Sales, Redefined

Interview 2 with Lyn:

Getting Results for Your Clients, Fast!

Interview 3 with Shauli:

Transforming the Old Institutes - How to Get the Attention of the Big Guys

Interview 4 with Kevin Billett:

The Journey as a Business


Hundreds of practitioners worldwide successfully use The Journey Methods either as their primary or as an add on to their current practises, to assist their clients dealing with traumatic, emotional and health challenges.